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加速我们的客户从雅各布斯广泛的领域知识中获益, 智能算法和数据解决方案的集合, 我们已经将许多软件和数据解决方案整合到一个单元中. This allows us to amplify the advantages for our clients to be gained from consistent product management, marketing and research and development.

Our initial set of Data Solutions are aligned to the three high-growth verticals of Transportation, 水与国家安全(未来阶段将进一步探讨其他垂直领域). A common competitive differentiation of our vertical software platforms is access and integration of unique data sets and the ability turn that data into actionable outcomes for our customers.

Water platform

  • DVS_AquaDNA_Banner
    Aqua DNA

    Advanced analytics

    Predictive analytics platform that integrates innovative technologies for wastewater pump cleaning and sewer network performance using artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms.

  • DVS_FloodModeller_Banner
    Flood Modeller

    Data management

    Industry-leading flood modelling software allowing you to confidently assess flood risk from rivers, surface water and urban drainage systems.

  • Intelligent_OM_thumbnail
    Intelligent O&M

    Advanced analytics

    Data analytics solution aggregates and analyzes plant data to manage and optimize water and wastewater treatment plant operations and maintenance (O&M).

Transportation platform

  • DVS_AviationSuite_Banner
    Aviation Suite - Navigation Data

    Data management


  • DVS_GeoPod_Banner

    Advanced analytics

    Integrated hardware (cameras and GPS/Inertial Measurement Unit) and custom software system enabling geographic image mapping. 

  • DVS_StreetLightInSight_Thumbnail
    StreetLight InSight®

    Advanced analytics

    提供人员移动性的软件即服务(SaaS)平台, 通过机器学习进行供应链效率和社会价值分析.

  • DVS_TrackRecord_Banner
    Track Record

    提供许可的项目管理和软件套件, site team collaboration, approvals and automated workflows

National security platform

  • DVS_AviationSuite_Banner
    Aviation Suite - Air Drop

    Data management


  • DVS_BlackStack_Banner

    Advanced analytics

    Software accelerating sensor collection and real-time analytics platform; processing at the edge.

  • DVS_ExtremeSearch_Banner
    Extreme Search


    允许企业IT更完整地分析所有IT首页事件日志, 包括人工智能(AI)/机器学习(ML)算法的应用.

  • DVS_KnackStack_Banner

    Software development

    A Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) flexible hybrid cloud that enables modern software development with an infrastructure to automate data management and security.

A Focus on Divergent Solutions

Explore our data solutions offering

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Meet our General Manager

Amer Battikhi

Amer Battikhi develops strategies and innovative solutions to drive 亚洲体育博彩平台’ focus on commercialized digital solutions for the critical infrastructure and national security markets, helping the company’s clients create value from data securely to better serve their customers globally.

根据Amer的说法,“数据是数字世界的核心. Mastering data by making data consistent, available, 而且易于使用,这将使亚洲体育博彩平台成为一家与众不同的公司, 从一家工程公司转变为一家数据和网络解决方案公司. This is 亚洲体育博彩平台' ambition, and Divergent Solutions is the strategic vehicle to deliver our ambition.”

目前,Amer担任平台和技术高级副总裁 & Software Solutions for 亚洲体育博彩平台 and brings more than 20 years of experience in the engineering consultancy and advisory business focused on large-scale capital programs. Under Amer’s leadership, the unit is focused on expanding 亚洲体育博彩平台’s position in our clients’ digital ecosystems by creating next-generation solutions with software platforms, technologies and platform-enabled services. 

Get to know Amer